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Simo Motor ZSN4 Cement Plant Special Use DC motor
Simo Motor ZSN4 Cement Plant Special Use DC motor

ZSN4 series DC motor is a special series product developed on the basis of Z4 series DC motor, according to the working characteristics of cement rotary .

This series of motors uses octagonal structure, high stator space utilization, stator yoke laminated, can withstand the pulsating current and high current rate of change.If the motor uses a three-phase full-controlled bridge rectifier power supply, it may not be connected to a smooth wave reactor. 

The motor adopts F-class insulation structure, so that the motor has a larger capacity. According to the special working conditions of the cement rotary kiln, the design and manufacture of the motor can be carried out according to the requirement that the starting torque of the motor can reach 2.5 times the rated torque. The use of cooling allows the motor to operate safely and reliably in harsh, dusty environments.

The motor provid with a grounding sign post. If required by the user, a motor or other overheating protection element can be embedded in the stator winding of the motor. The position of the outlet box is seen from the drive side on the right side of the base, and can also be on the left side or above the base if the user needs.

This series of motor performances are in line with the national standard GB755-87 "Basic technical requirements for rotating electrical machines" and ministerial standard JB6316-92 "Z4 series DC motor technical conditions", also can be assessed according to the requirements of the International Commission standard IEC34-l

The rated voltage of the motor armature is 440V. It can also derive 400V, 220V or other voltage according to the user's requirements.The low armature voltage is a constant torque speed regulation. Under the condition of continuous armature current, the minimum motor speed can reach 20r/mm. At this time, the rated torque can still be maintained, and the rotation speed is stable.

The rated excitation voltage of the motor is 180V, other excitation voltages can also be derived.In order to ensure reliable insulation of the excitation system, when the excitation circuit is disconnected, a release resistor should be connected in parallel at both ends of the excitation winding to prevent the self-induction potential.When the excitation voltage is 180 ~ 220V, its value is about 7 times cold resistance value of the excitation winding. If the excitation voltage is 320 ~ 370V, its value is about 5 times.


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