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YR series high voltage ac motor is a wound rotor three phase asynchronous motor  Protection grade is IP23, cooling method IC01  Usually used in driving dragging hoists, rolling mills, wire drawing machines

Frame number: 355~630
Rated voltage: 6kv/10kv
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Rotational speed: 1500rpm, 1000rpm, 750rpm, 600rpm, 500rpm
Power range: 220~2500KW
Installation type: IMB3
Protection class: IP23
Cooling method: IC01
Insulation class: Class F
Air temperature  -15°C~40°C;
The highest average  humidity : 90%; meanwhile, the average minimum temperature in the month is not higher than 25°C.

Motor Introduction
YR series high voltage 6KV/10KV three-phase asynchronous motor (6KV center height 355~630, 10KV center height 400~630) is a wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor. The motor is produced according to the technical conditions of JB/T10445-2004. This series of protection is IP23 and the cooling method is air-cooled IC01.
Motor advantages
This series of motors can provide a larger starting torque at a smaller starting current; it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, light weight, reliable performance, easy installation and maintenance.
Field of application
Applicable to the feed line capacity is not enough to start the squirrel-cage rotor motor, a longer starting time and more frequent starting, speed and other occasions within a small range. Such as dragging hoists, rolling mills, wire drawing machines, etc.
Work environment requirements
Not available in the following environments:
 The air is free of corrosive gas such as acid and alkali
 Explosive gas
 More dusty work environment